Artist-At-Sea Program

Artist At Sea

The Artist At Sea exhibit at The ARTS at Marks Garage.

In January of this year, the Artist at Sea exhibit opened in Honolulu. It was the first time examples of the works created by artists who participated in Schmidt Ocean Institute’s Artist-At-Sea program were showcased together. Since then, the exhibit has traveled to other cities. It returns to Hawai‘i this month as a temporary exhibit in Bishop Museum’s Richard T. Mamiya Science Adventure Center from 29 August through 29 September 2017.

The Schmidt Ocean Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 2009 by Eric and Wendy Schmidt. The organization’s mission is to “advance oceanographic research, discovery, and knowledge, and catalyze sharing of information about the oceans.” The Artist-At-Sea program fulfills part of that mission.

The program is based on collaboration between scientists and artists (various media) during voyages on board Schmidt Ocean Institute’s research vessel, Falkor (the name of the friendly dragon from the book The Neverending Story).

RV Falkor

Schmidt Ocean Institute’s RV Falkor arriving in Honolulu Harbor. 20 August 2017.

By working closely with the scientists on board the ship, artists create works that are inspired by the research in progress, while making the results accessible to a wider audience.

Two Hawai‘i residents, Michelle Schwengel-Regala and Kirsten Carlson, have participated in the program. Both women agree that the experience was a valuable and rewarding one and encourage other local artists to apply. (Previous science and/or maritime-related experience is an advantage, but is not absolutely necessary.)

Hula, mele (Hawaiian song, chant, poem), or kapa (bark cloth) designs anyone?

The Schmidt Ocean Institute also offers programs for students: Student Opportunities

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