Falls of Clyde – October 2017 Update

FOC 14Oct17

Although October has come and gone, there is still hope that a heavy-lift ship will be available to take the Falls of Clyde back to Scotland. Negotiations between David O’Neill and Offshore Heavy Transport (OHT) are still in progress.

One item that has come up during the discussions is that there may be a need for a local company to fabricate a cradle to help secure and support the Falls of Clyde on the deck of the heavy-lift ship. There are no specifics available for this yet.

Mr. O’Neill continues to inform the Friends of Falls of Clyde (FFOC) of his progress. He has also expressed concern at the FFOC’s plan to deballast the ship, when there is still no date set for the arrival of the heavy-lift ship. The FFOC has already begun the process, which involves pumping the ballast water from the Falls of Clyde’s cargo tanks into the Clean Islands oil spill response vessel.

Mr. O’Neill also would like to acknowledge the efforts of Mr. Gerald Wingrove, who is a staunch supporter of the effort to save the Falls of Clyde and is currently in the process of crafting beautifully detailed models of the ship.

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