A Hui Hou Nippon Maru

Nippon Maru at Pier 20

Nippon Maru at Pier 20, Honolulu Harbor. 15 January 2018.

Nippon Maru sailed for Japan this morning after a five-day visit to Honolulu Harbor. The ship is a four-masted barque and functions as a training vessel.

mooring line

Hauling a mooring line back aboard the ship. 15 January 2018.

climbing mizzen shrouds

Going aloft. Cadets climb up the mizzen mast shrouds. 15 January 2018.

yards manned

Cadets man the yards. 15 January 2018.

leaving harbor

Nippon Maru heading out to sea. 15 January 2018.

Mahalo to Foss Maritime.

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