Falls of Clyde – November 2017 Update

Capt Bekkevold

Captain Ken Bekkevold of OHT taking photographs from Falls of Clyde’s poop deck. 16 November 2017.

As previously reported, David O’Neill has been in talks with Offshore Heavy Transport (OHT) regarding the possibility of transporting Falls of Clyde back home to Scotland.

On Thursday, 16 November 2017, the ship received a visit from Captain Ken Bekkevold, who is one of OHT’s five loadmasters and is currently in Hawai‘i to manage a job involving one of the company’s heavy-lift ships.

Captain Bekkevold was able to inspect the accessible areas on board the ship. Earlier in the week, he was also able to have a look at the exterior of the hull from one of the pilot boats, courtesy of Captain Ed Enos of the Hawaii Pilots Association.

This visit by Captain Bekkevold and that of OHT engineer Pål Berger in November 2016 are positive signs of OHT’s willingness to work with Mr. O’Neill on a solution.

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