New Dry Dock for Pacific Shipyards

Pacific Shipyards International (PSI)’s new dry dock arrived in Honolulu Harbor yesterday (24 November 2017) morning.

The dry dock, named Ho‘ōla I Nā Moku (roughly translated as “Giver/Bringer of Life to Ships”), was transported from China to Hawaiian waters on board Offshore Heavy Transport (OHT)’s heavy-lift ship, Osprey. Conditions at the anchorage off Honolulu Harbor were not ideal, so Osprey anchored off the south coast of Maui instead. Once Ho‘ōla I Nā Moku was floated off Osprey’s deck, she was towed to Honolulu Harbor by Foss Maritime tug, Barbara Foss (accompanied by Freedom and Pi‘ilani).

Barbara Foss with dry dock

Foss Maritime’s Barbara Foss with dry dock, Ho‘ōla I Nā Moku, approaching Honolulu Harbor. Visible between the dry dock’s wing walls is Pi‘ilani. Eleu is alongside. 24 November 2017.

Barbara Foss

Barbara Foss. 24 November 2017.

dry dock and Eleu

Ho‘ōla I Nā Moku and Eleu. 24 November 2017.

A crew from PSI and Captains Ed Enos and Ryan Hopkins from the Hawaii Pilots Association boarded Ho‘ōla I Nā Moku outside Honolulu Harbor in order to coordinate the operation of bringing her safely into the harbor and alongside Pier 24.

dry dock arrival in harbor

Inside the mouth of the harbor. 24 November 2017.

watching the arrival

Watching the arrival. 24 November 2017.

Once inside the harbor in the turning basin on the ‘Ewa side of Aloha Tower, Barbara Foss broke tow and the Foss harbor tugs took over moving Ho‘ōla I Nā Moku under the direction of the pilots.

harbor tugs and dry dock

Foss Maritime tugs Eleu, Mikioi, and Pi‘ilani move Ho‘ōla I Nā Moku toward Pier 24. 24 November 2017.

Captain Enos on wing wall

Captain Ed Enos (see red arrow) directing the tugs from the top of one of the wing walls. 24 November 2017.

Captain Hopkins on wing wall

Captain Ryan Hopkins on the opposite wing wall. 24 November 2017.

alongside Pier 24

Carefully maneuvering Ho‘ōla I Nā Moku alongside Pier 24. 24 November 2017.

Pi‘ilani all pau

All pau. Pi‘ilani returns to her pier. 24 November 2017.

view from Aloha Tower

View of the new dry dock from Aloha Tower. The pilots return to their office on board pilot boat Honolulu. 24 November 2017.

Mahalo nui loa to Captain Ed Enos and Rick Wilson who made the photographic documentation of this event possible.

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